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Out of Country Manufacturers List

Out of Country Manufacturers List

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Are you looking for reliable out of country teams to produce your cut and sew garments? Our list includes teams located in China, and in Pakistan. Both experienced in streetwear, and luxury garments. Get the variety of choosing multiple different resources, in one place! Whats included: China kids luxury garments, China streetwear, China luxury-end, Pakistan streetwear, Pakistan luxury end garments. 
We provide you all their information to contact and begin working with these teams. 
* we sell individually as well if you aren’t interested in the complete list of them. *

Materials for reference with streetwear would include: crewnecks, skullies, sweatsuits, y2k style garments, cargo, etc. (this is not limited to the availability in design but an idea of what’s included in the teams skill set) 

 materials for reference with luxury end are going to be using fine materials such as lambskin, sheepskin, genuine leathers, silks, and other fine quality materials. These teams are for more detailed garments that’s would qualify as luxury pieces. In reference to blazers, jumpsuits, skirts, suits, trench coats, stacked pants, and more. These variations are just references to skill sets. The possibilities are endless. 

this digital product takes 24-48 hours to process your order before emailing! BE SURE AN EMAIL IS INCLUDED IN YOUR ORDER! 
no refunds or exchanges accepted after purchase. 

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